Our bellows have the traditional hour glass shape, and are constructed with solid walnut cheeks, ebony stain impregnated - [this goes completely through the wood, so it won't wear off] - with a hand rubbed satin oil finish. We hand stitch our bellows leather to the cheeks in the traditional way. The inlet valve and cover plate are of Delrin, . The outlet tube connection is brass. The chest strap is of a durable belt leather, the arm strap of a more flexible, soft leather. Our outlet connecting tube is plastic, but you can have it covered with leather for a more traditional look -add $10. We will also hand stitch a traditional leather outlet tube for an additional $30, but you must specify length . Also please specify chest size [at the bottom of the rib cage]

Bellows Standard Smallpipe size: $165.00

large: these will allow a slower stroke, and will power a uillean pipe or border pipe or even GHB's. $180.00 Welcome to Cushing Bagpipe Company
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