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This bagpipe is beautiful in looks and sound! Hallmarked Sterling Silver from Walker Metalsmiths, with Moose Antler projecting mounts and bushings.

• Fully Combed and Beaded
• Sterling Silver celtic knot/ zoomorphic Ferrules & Ringcaps
• Moose Antler Projecting Mounts & Mouthpiece bulb
• Sterling mouthpiece slide&bulb ferrule & PlainSilver slides
• Cushing Af. Blkwd Chanter w/ Antler sole or SS chanter ring
• Brass Lined Blowpipe with Bor Mor Valve
• Cushing Elkhide Bag, 2 pc blowpipe stock w/ tube trap
• Cords and Bag Cover

$ 3750 USD

E-mail us! info@cushingbagpipe.com
Write to: 106 Hubbell Drive, Ithaca, NY 14850 USA

Call: (607) 351-7843 - Mon-Sat 8AM to 6PM EST