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This African Blackwood Bagpipe
is Combed & Beaded in an Antique Style
w/ Button Mounts & Chalice Tops with wood bushings, and a High Gloss Oil & Wax finish.

Nickel/Aluminum or Brass Plain Ferrules
• 5-1/2" Big Bore Mouthpiece
• Brass Lined 6" Blowpipe w/ BorMor Valve
• Cushing Solo Delrin Chanter - no sole
• Our Synthetic drone reeds & Ross chanter reed
• Cushing Elkhide S/M/L Bag
• Silk Cords & Cotton Velveteen Bag Cover
• Includes our padded Case#1

Blackwood: #2AB :$ 910 USD

Cocobollo: #2CC : $840 USD - same as #2AB, but drones & stocks are Cocobolo

Delrin: #2DF : $800 USD -same as #2AB, but in Delrin & no brass lining in blowpipe

Delrin: #2D: $740 USD - same as #2DF, but no ferrules

* Picture at left has Zippered Hide Bag Option & Marshall's Machine Engraved Aluminum Ferrules & Slides Option

E-mail us! info@cushingbagpipe.com
Write to: 106 Hubbell Drive, Ithaca, NY 14850 USA

Call: (607) 351-7843 - Mon-Sat 8AM to 6PM EST