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All of our pipes are hand made and numbered with personal attention to detail. These great pipes
have a bright, refined tone, and they are steady as well as easy to reed. The bass drone is loosely based
on a turn- of-the-century Henderson system. You will notice a particularly large bushing in the top,
which gives it a bright, overtone rich, strong presence. The tenors are based on a
MacDougall tenor bore, and are closely related to the Robertson bore design of the
late 40’s early 50’s. They have a very “unified” spacious ringing tonal quality when
they are well reeded. The reed seats are wide enough to accommodate the
modern synthetic drone reeds. These drones are steady!

The bores are responsible for 90% or more of the tone of an instrument. We now use the latest
in gun drill technology for our bores. This tooling yields a straight, highly polished and very consistent
bore which is beautiful to look at.

Side note: It is also an arguable point as to whether there is any
correlation between smoothness of bore and tonal quality. There actually is a strong argument in favor
the slightly rough bore. One of current theories of hull design for racing boats says that a rough surfaced
hull slips more easily through the water. And furthermore, why are golf balls dimpled?
Because they go faster through the air? However most pipers like to look down the
bores of a set of pipes to see how smooth they are, and ours are smooth!

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