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FSPC in African Blackwood

FSPC in Delrin [Polypenco]

• Perfectly matched for pitch and tone
• available in African Blackwood or Delrin ®
•The Delrin model's original“O” ring joint eliminates the need for hemp, while the African Blackwood model has the traditional hemped joint
• counterbored [cylindrical] holes just like the actual pipe chanter
• Quantity band discounts available

The African Blackwood Full Size Practice Chanter


The Delrin [Polypenco] Full Size Practice Chanter



Also Available:

The African Blackwood Full Size Practice Chanter with Delrin top [same top profiling as FSPC-AB]



For a full description of our Full size Practice Chanters, click on: Full Size Practice Chanter Information page.

These chanters have a number of options available to customize your chanter and to "dress it up". Please see our "Customizing your Practice Chanter" page to view some of these options and their pricing


The only difference [other than the material!] between the Delrin & Blackwood models is in the construction of the top. The Delrin top is cylindrical with a built in cylindrical mouthpiece and an "O" ring joint, while the Blackwood chanter's top has tapered profile, a removable threaded Black Delrin mouthpiece, and the traditional hemped joint.

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